Developed by the University of Leeds with the help of primary school children and teachers, ‘123 Germ Free’ brings colour and fun messaging to your toilet spaces. You can download printable designs for free or purchase ready-printed vinyl stickers. We also provide free classroom and home activities for bringing hand
hygiene to life for young children.

Meet Our Mascots

Super Soap

Step 1 is important because we are using soap. When soap is mixed with water, it lathers up to form bubbles that act like pockets. These bubbles trap and remove germs and chemicals found on your hands. Soap makes the germs slippery and slides off when washed with water.

Water Warrior

Step 2 is important because water washes away the germs. The soap makes the germs slippery and the water makes the germs slide off of your hands down into the drain. It is important to wash your hands for 20 seconds because these actions physically destroy germs and remove germs and chemicals from your skin.

Dynamic Dryer

Step 3 is important because drying your hands reduces the spread of germs. Germs spread more easily when hands are wet, so it is important to dry your hands completely. Using a dryer or paper towels are both effective, however disposable paper towels are best.

Developed by the University of Leeds and funded by the AHRC (Arts and Humanities Research Council)