Download your FREE classroom activity pack, designed with the help of primary school teachers using curriculum guidelines.

This pack includes 8 different fun and engaging activities to be carried out in the classrooms. Look out for the Key stage and activity types, You can find creative, reminder, learning and active options. There’s something for everyone! Each activity is labelled with a key stage number, though each activity can be made more difficult or simplified for each age group. Just simply download the activity you would like to use and print!

Or click the tab below to download the entire activity pack!

Educational/Reminder Activities

These educational and reminder activities do exactly that! They have been designed to educate as well as remind children to wash their hands. We want them to be thinking about this even in the classroom which is why these display activities are perfect. The flash cards are a great way to see if the children are still noticing the 123 Germ Free graphics and to remind them of the 3 steps.

Active Activities

Are you a P.E. teacher? Or perhaps you’d like your class to take part in an active activity. These activities are perfect for keeping your class engaged, using physical exercise such as running and gymnastics to learn about hand washing, 1 2 3 go!

Creative Activities

Teach your class all about handwashing with these creative activities. There are two fun activities to help get their creative juices flowing with the use of designing and colouring in. You can even take a photo of their creations and share it with us on our social media platforms using our hashtag #123germfree


Details about this pack and a bit about us!

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