“They’re really entertaining and more persuasive, trying to make them want to wash their hands so they don’t get any germs”

We’re using a mixed set of methods to evaluate the effectiveness of these designs. More results will be added to this site as the project develops further.

We’ve firstly been evaluating the impact of the designs gathering responses from school children and Eureka! Museum visitors. Below are a selection of quotes that highlight some of the strengths of the designs.

Child responses to the question ‘What did you like about the posters and stickers, if anything?’. 

“I like that it encourages kids to wash their hands. And I like how it doesn’t just put soap, water, I like how it has Super soap, Dynamic dryer, all that, I think it is more encouraging for kids.”

“That it helps people who don’t do it properly make better choices.”

“That they have little characters on them. That in the toilets as well, you have these posters hanging on the doors and I quite like that. The numbers on the ones that said you need to wash your hands.”

“I liked it that there was a hand with some little germs on.  Because it tells you that there is germs on your hands but you can’t see them.”

“I think they’re really cool because you have them all over and the bathroom used to just be plain and you didn’t really know what to do but now the posters are helping because now I know what to do in the toilet.”

“I like the design of it, it shows how the germs go down the drain and it gives more detail and its fun as well and it encourages little children too, because they might think it’s fun to wash your hands.”

“They’re really entertaining and more persuasive, trying to make them want to wash their hands so they don’t get any germs.”

“I like it, because it’s helping others to make sure that they wash their hands and not to get other people sick.”

“I like that, well they’re in the toilets (cubicle) so when you read them you don’t go out and don’t wash your hands and only see them on the door, you go out thinking I’m going to do that.”

School Lunchtime Supervisor’s response to the question ‘What are the advantages/disadvantages of posters/stickers like these compared to other methods you have of teaching children about hand hygiene?’

“Well visually they help, the words are made interesting to them – the poo. That’s the first thing that boys see and that’s what they have been asking me questions about and just looking at them there are pictures on them, there are words on them, they help, either way they can see what it is even if their language isn’t English, they still recognise that that is what they have to do, wash their hands, what it’s all about.“

Teacher responses to the question ‘What are the advantages/disadvantages of posters/stickers like these compared to other methods you have of teaching children about hand hygiene?’

“I think the kids have really enjoyed looking at them. I think it’s cos it’s a bit cheeky cos they’re using words like poo, the kids really got engaged straight away.“

“It’s right in front of them; every time they go to wash their hands they’re there right in front of them so they can see it.  So, as when we do the teaching in the classroom they have often forgotten by the end of playtime, whereas, it is right in front of them whenever they are there.“

Head Teacher’s response to the question ‘Have there been any unintended changes since the posters / stickers were put up?

“I think the toilet paper on the floor to be honest, cos we have a bit of an issue, an ongoing issue with that but that’s definitely less than it was before, maybe it’s the fact that they are a bit bright and colourful and it makes the environment look nice cos it does, cos toilets are very bland environments aren’t they, so just making it a more colourful and attractive place I think has probably had a bit of an impact that we weren’t really thinking about.“

Head Teacher’s response to the question ‘The school needs posters / stickers like these in the toilets

“In fact my staff would like them in all of them (the toilets). That’s one of the messages I have had from them saying well actually we could do with the same. Are we getting the stickers? Are we getting the stickers in these toilets?“

Head Teacher’s response to the question ‘What kind of supporting evidence or proof would you need to use these designs in your toilets?’

“I wouldn’t need any proof. I think they’re a great idea. And if they hadn’t been funded and they were just something we could buy I would certainly consider buying them. I wouldn’t need any proof that they worked, I think they are self evidently a really great idea.”

Adult responses to the question ‘What did you think of the designs, good or bad?’

“Really eye catching, really, really good, really informative. I liked the 1 2 3 idea of talking you through the sequence of washing your hands. It’s easy to remember then isn’t it,very often you forget especially when you’re little. Really good, really informative.”

“I just think it is good with the pictures, good that it is not too long, it’s just telling them remember to wash your hands and I like the fact that words that you have used are quite, the kids can understand it you know by saying ‘little bits of poo’ – my six year old thinks that’s brilliant because she could read that herself and I think that’s really good as well.“

“Really good, I like how you had little poos and things cos it makes it real, it’s true isn’t it – it is poo. I just think it is brilliant, it should be everywhere.”

“Good yeah, education on the way whilst they are there (in the toilet), good stuff.”

“Little things that you don’t think of at home that you show your kids like putting the toilet sea down before you flush, it’s an obvious one isn’t it but it’s not crossed my mind to sort of make sure because you are always so conscious of them not touching the toilet seat lid, that actually you think it’s probably better to do that, flush it then go and wash your hands, it’s that extra learning from a mum’s perspective.”

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