Our semi-permanent self adhesive vinyl stickers are available to purchase in sets. Click on the buttons below to purchase, you will be directed to our University of Leeds print store. Installation instructions are also given below. We would love to have you on board as a 123 School!

Stickers for Cubicles and Doors

Here are the stickers for the inside of 4 cubicles.

We call these motivational moments. Stick one big sticker and one small sticker at the toilet end or the back of the door! Stick a germ near each cubicle door handle.

Stickers for use in the Washing Area

Put the sink, bubbles and water droplets around the sink area and tiles to brighten up the washing zone.

Put the 1,2 and 3 character-stickers and their speech bubbles on or directly above the soap dispenser (1), near the taps (2) and on the dryer (3).

Put the germs under the dryer or under the sink area.

Put the 123germfree sticker in a visible area in the wash space.

Stickers for Floors and Pathways

These floor stickers are made for indoor use.

Put one directly outside each cubicle and then create pathways to the sink area.

Stickers for use in the Foyer

Use these stickers for your toilet doors and outside the toilet areas/corridor. Remind children that you’re a 123GermFree School! Boys and Girl stickers come separately if you have unisex toilets.

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