With the help of children we have created some fun graphics for your nursery’s toilet and changing room spaces. They have been specifically designed for ages 2-3 and younger. The sticker packs include lots of bright colourful shapes and characters to get your children to learn about hand washing as well as getting them to wash them properly using our 1,2,3 steps.

Here you will find all products available for your nursery.

Purchase Stickers

We recommend purchasing our semi-permanent vinyl stickers from our University of Leeds store. These stickers are ready to install and different pack sizes are available to suit your space. Click on the link below to get started.

Download Stickers

Download our sticker pack for your nursery. Then simply print them out and laminate them for extra durability. The stickers can be used in your toilet spaces and anywhere else where you feel your children will benefit from seeing them. The aim is to remind and to encourage them to wash their hands!

Register Your Nursery

Let us know that you are using our products by registering your nursery. We can keep up posted on new content or updates about our services.

“The children love seeing the bright colours, it really encourages them to wash their hands. It’s definitely made the toilet space look more welcoming”

Darren Elliot – Kidspiration, Managing Director

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